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Fentrade Aluminium has reported a strong surge in demand for its ID30 Internal Door and Screening System since its unveiling at Fit Show earlier this year.

ID30 can divide or delineate both residential and commercial spaces with a range of internal inset door options for easy access. The product line, featuring single and double hinged entrance doors, as well as single and double sliding door sets, has quickly become a popular choice with Fentrade’s customers.

The ID30 Door and Screening System provides various customisable options suitable for a range of sector applications. The hinge doors, available with two handle choices, present an architectural colour-coded pull handle affixed to the front edge of the sashes. Alternatively, a lever handle option is available that, when combined with a cylinder escutcheon, facilitates a secure locking mechanism. This unique feature expands the potential use of the internal doors and screens to office partitions, whether in retrofitting existing spaces or creating new ones.

The internal aluminium system is available in a choice of colour options, with Fentrade reporting RAL 9005 black matt finish as the top colour preference among its customers, establishing a dominant trend in contemporary colour aesthetics.

Fentrade’s ID30 offers flexibility in glazing too, accommodating up to 8.8mm laminated single glazing. However, customer preferences often gravitate towards 6mm toughened or 6.8mm laminated options.  Obscure glass can also be incorporated into the system, creating private areas within living spaces. This adaptability broadens the scope of consumer applications, making it suitable for areas such as shower spaces or bathrooms.

Understanding the urgency in project timelines, Fentrade guarantees a reliable 4–5-week delivery period for its ID30 products, delivered on its own transport fleet, ensuring a seamless and efficient delivery process.

Commenting on the success of the product introduction, Chris Reeks, Director at Fentrade Aluminium, said: “We are delighted to witness the strong demand for our ID30 Internal Door and Screening System. The positive response from our customers is a testament to the product’s quality, versatility and the commitment of Fentrade to deliver innovative products to the market.”

Fentrade is a leading specialist aluminium fabricator committed to delivering high-quality and innovative fenestration solutions for all market sectors. With a focus on excellence, Fentrade continues to push the boundaries of design and functionality to meet the evolving needs of its customers.


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